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Maybe This is What’s Best for All of Us

We recently announced that we will be calling it quits, and we’ve had a lot of questions about that. So, we’d like to clarify a little bit.

We’ve been a band for a little over four years now. We put out a fair amount of music. We played a fair amount of shows. We met some really incredible people along the way, and the four of us share some of the most wonderful memories. The last four years have been some of the greatest of our lives.

Over the summer, as we talked about recording another album and booking more tours, we realized just how much work had to be done if we wanted to reach the “level” we wanted to with this. We never thought we’d be able to pay our bills with music, and we never really wanted to, either. We always just wanted the band to be self-sufficient, meaning that we could use money we made from music things to pay for music things. That takes a lot of time, and a lot of dedication. That requires putting a lot of other things on hold: job opportunities, education, relationships, etc. These are not easy things to do.

We eventually got to the point where “the wind had gone out of the sails,” as our dear friend Nate put it. It happens. Things happen. Life happens. It’s hard to be a touring band when it’s hard to tour for more than 7-10 days at a time. It’s hard to be a touring band when you have credit card debt and student loan debt and a million other debts.

It’s hard to be a touring band.

None of us have any sort of bad feelings towards anyone else in the band. When you spend as much time together as we have, you form bonds that cannot be broken. And those bonds will continue to grow. We’re more than just a band. We’re the best of friends.

Naturally, we have new things happening in our lives. James is starting a new band (called Small Parks), and Joe is working on getting one started as well, with his brother. Josh is going to focus on his graphic design career (he has a really great freelance company called JMF Graphics). Bill is going to stay active and involved in the music scene, with his eyes peeled for future projects and opportunities. Joe’s going to go to school to study marketing and advertising, and Bill plans on going to study Zoology or Natural Sciences. James is working with Nate to rebuild Livingston Underground.

So, we’re staying busy.

There are a lot of people to thank, as we’ve already said. We’ve had some incredibly kind things said to us over the past couple weeks, and we thank you for that. We’ve played some really great shows with some really great bands and slept on some really great couches/floors. Thank you for that. More than anything, thank you for going on this ride with us: for singing along, for giving us hugs, for talking to us, for sharing your feelings with us. You’ve brought us to tears and times, and made us laugh from the deepest parts of our bellies. We would not be the people we are today without you.

Everything is a part of it.

We have two shows left, and we hope that we’ll see you at at least one. One last note: please continue to support the independent music scene in any way you can. Let our “death” not be in vain. Some dear friends to keep in mind: Tiger! Tiger!, The End of the Ocean, Sunlight Ascending, Wolves and Machines, Hawk & Son, Elliot Street Lunatic, Hampshire, The Island of Misfit Toys, Midwest, Au Revoir, and Take One Car. Support them, and other independent artists, in any way you can.




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